Exclusive Weather Bos™ Manufacturer Features
We are a rapidly growing company experiencing high growth and demand for our superior products. We seek highly qualified companies or individuals who are interested in taking advantage of our new miniaturization technology.
This technology allows us to establish manufacturing facilities in most any location of reduced size or capacity, with high profit/volume and low overhead. The time frame to establish a manufacturing facility from concept to production of finished product is about 60 days or less in the U.S. or International market place. Since most exterior and interior surfaces and products require a finish or protective coating, our market is unlimited.

Weather Bos™ provides the following:

Decades of intensive research and development resulting in an exceptional line of environmentally safe, non-toxic products for all types of surfaces.

Total set up support of our unique miniaturization technology providing easy manufacturing, storage, packing and shipping.

Complete technical training and support in the proper preparation and application procedures for our complete product line.

Years of continually refining our advertising strategy into a cohesive marketing plan, allowing high visibility and easy entry into new markets utilizing already proven programs.

Well-established access to an unrestricted source of raw materials.

Decades of hands on, successful field experience allowing us to give technical solutions in order to solve most problems relating to the protection of interior and exterior surfaces.

Close working relationship with the U.S. Department of Commerce, who provide market research, introductions to qualified customers from their extensive database, and much more.

On-going research utilizing new technology to update and maintain a continually expanding, environmentally safe product line.

Residual data base of satisfied customers spanning over three decades, along with a major presence on the World Wide Web, resulting in a broad access to the global consumer market.

1998 may be the best year yet to become a Weather Bos™ manufacturer. With the introduction of high profile printed buckets combined with color-coordinated literature, Weather Bos™ is once again on the cutting edge of product marketing and consumer recognition.

"Fast Track Marketing" is not a new concept. Mention "Coca Cola" and their famous red and white logo immediately comes to mind. What would "Nike" shoes be without their swooping check graphic and name recognition?

Weather Bos™, already internationally recognized for superior products and our in-depth, informational world wide web site, is moving into the 21st century by increasing our household name recognition throughout the world. Our new product line and literature are designed to catch the consumers attention so they will become educated and satisfied customers. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to become a part of the Weather Bos™ team!

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